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K. Franklin

You have a new customer for life right here! I wanted to share my story and a "before and after" picture that tells in 1000 words how amazing your product is. I actually bought your product as an impulse buy at Home Depot while shopping for other items. I recently purchased an antique office chair and had a feeling it would help bring out the beauty of the wood. I was amazed at the results! Since then, I've been running around the house rubbing Feed-N-Wax into anything with a grain.


Michelle Cowan

I had to take the time to write and thank you for such an amazing product. This photo doesn't even do the difference justice. Your product has saved me thousands on re-doing my cabinets. They look brand new!! Thank you for such an incredible easy to use product. I will be telling everyone about you! Anyone can use this mess free easy to use product. This took me just minutes. The 'hardest' part is waiting the 20 minutes to wipe off the wax.

Some items I had basically given up on - thinking the only solution to bring them back to life was to start over and refinish the wood.
But I've been proven wrong! Just one of many examples is the bench seat shown in the picture. The sun has beaten down on that poor bench for years and the wood in the background shows the abuse. I have tried other products but nothing has brought the sheen back until now. The difference is amazing! You can even see the bottle reflecting on the renewed surface! This had been the best impulse buy I have ever made. Thank you so much for making an amazing does-what-it-says product.


C. Baker

I just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your products. I recently used Howard’s Restor-A-Finish and Feed-N-Wax on my kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and they look like new! Our cabinets are 20 years old and were looking faded and scratched. I had tried using another products and the cabinets looked better, until the product dried. Then they looked worn and faded again. I saw the Howard's line of products on the Today Show and decided to research them. After watching the video on your website, I decided to give it a try. I could not believe the difference it made! Imperfections literally disappeared, and the finish is rich and beautiful. It seemed to bring out the grain of the wood and I truly believe they look better than ever. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking to restore their cabinets. It works!

I’m including a couple of pictures. The colors are a little different because I used two different cameras, but you can see the huge difference in the finish. We changed the hardware too, so they truly look like new cabinets!


B. Hoffman

First, I must say that I’ve never written to a company before about a product. But after I’ve seen how well your Restor-A-Finish worked on my kitchen cabinets, I am too thrilled to contain my thoughts!
My family and I moved into our new home a few weeks ago. We were under a time constraint when finding a home and picked out a house after only one very brief tour inside. Had I looked closer at the kitchen, I’m quite certain I’d never agree to live there! When I saw the true state of the kitchen cabinets, I cried (literally). It had the quintessential oak cabinets from the late 70’s that quite obviously had never been cared for. The wood was dry, with white marks and cracked finish all over, especially on the drawers and cabinets that had received heavy usage. To put it bluntly, the cabinets were absolutely awful and made the whole kitchen look even more outdated than it truly was. Short of ripping them all out and purchasing new cabinets or going through the messy, time-consuming refinishing process, I didn’t know what I could do to make the kitchen a more enjoyable place to be. In desperation, I wandered around the aisles of the nearby Home Depot store, looking longingly at new cabinets but knowing a kitchen remodel was out the question at this time. I eventually made my way to the paint department and saw your Restor-A-Finish product on the shelf. I recalled seeing it advertised years before at an antique furniture store, so I made the purchase (along with Feed-N-Wax) thinking it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. Well, I am so very glad I did!
The Restor-A-Finish was very easy to apply and, as I did, I watched the white marks and the cracked finish disappear before my eyes. It was amazing and I am so thrilled with the results (and I haven’t even applied the Feed-N-Wax yet)! The cabinets look so much better and I can now walk into my kitchen without cringing and wanting to walk right out again. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now, do you have a product that can take care of outdated, chipped countertops? Just kidding… Thanks again for your amazing products. I am a grateful customer!


Derril and Patti Shiflet

I've been aware of your products for a long time but this past weekend was the first time we had the opportunity to use Restor-A-Finish and Feed-N-Wax. We have a beautiful oak front door that gets the morning sun every day, so needless to say, it was in bad shape. It took my husband only 30-minutes to wipe on the Restor-A-Finish. He was so amazed how good the door looked. We wished we had taken before and after pictures because the difference was truly amazing. He waited the required time then applied the Feed-N-Wax. It looks like we got a new door. It brought out the wood grain beautifully. We did not have to take the door down nor did we have to open up the house due to fumes as there was hardly any odor at all. We have told our friends who spent time and energy on their door, sanding, staining and varnishing. They are going to use your products because what they did barely lasted a year. Thank you for a really GREAT product.


I. Matthiesen

We have 15 year old oak kitchen cabinets. They were dull looking with wear marks around the handles. We have tried several wax products over the years to try and freshen up the finish, but to no avail. We looked into purchasing new doors and drawer face for the cabinets, very costly. I saw your product in a hardware store here in Richmond BC, thought I would try it as the last straw before giving in to my wife's wish that I paint these solid oak cabinets.
This past weekend I used your Restor-A-Finish on the cabinets and W O W !!! I'm positive they look better than new, again W O W !!!
Very nice to see a product actually do what it promises on the label.
I'm going to purchase another can to use on our teak furniture. Thanks for an excellent product.


L. Krahn

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I adore your Restor-A-Finish product. I was trying to decide what to do with my kitchen cabinets and spotted your product in Home Depot several years ago and got a can of the Golden Oak. Because of our busy schedule the product got put on a shelf and forgotten until recently when I came across it in the pantry. I sat down at one of the worse off cabinets and started applying it with just a dry cloth and was amazed! The contractors working on my home at the time were also impressed and the cabinet maker took notes and commented that he didn't want too many of his customers knowing about this stuff.
I will definitely be purchasing more as my home has undergone 15 years of wear by our 4 sons.
Thank you so much!


L. Weber

Hello. I found your product by accident in our local Ace Hardware..(the Neutral Restor-A-Finish).I decided to try it on kitchen cabinets. They're 25 yrs old, looked pretty good for their age but.. dull & dry with surface scratches...2-3 times a yr I use lemon oil on them. A few days later, visiting a friend, I saw the same product on her counter ..asked her about it..she used it on bathroom cabinets for the same reasons. The result was perfect. That's just what I needed to start my projects!! So now, the kitchen cabinets look LIKE NEW, the bathroom cabinets are renewed, the home office was "restored " ..(newer furniture, but LOTS of scratches!!) & my husband & I are thrilled because these projects were done quickly for a minimum cost.... Thanks ...I'll keep passing the word on...& hope you'll keep making this great product! My next trip to the store will probably be for the Feed-N-Wax.


Mike & Pam
You saved me from my mother-in-law.....
We thought she gave us the mahogany drop leaf table and chair set, more than 10 years ago....... But now that we bought an antique oak table set, she wants hers back! It hasn't been without a table cloth since the kids were in their teens (now in their 20's). Many unsightly water marks and such..... I found your product and with a little elbow grease, I can give it back to her without breaking a sweat! Thanks! I am now praising your product to anyone that will listen!


K. Walton

Hello, I recently obtained 6 antique pieces from my Grandmother's outbuilding where they had been stored for nearly 20 years. Needless to say, they were not in very good shape. A friend of mine who worked at an antique store for years recommended your Restor-A-Finish. I went and bought 3 cans. NEVER have I been so impressed with a product in my life!! I wish I had taken before and after photos because the difference is truly remarkable. My husband came out to the garage and could not believe it was the same furniture! I don't usually write letters like this, but I had to say thank you for such a wonderful product!!


C. Lander

Just wanted to email you and say how great your product is! We used Restor-A-Finish on some mid-century modern furniture that we purchased on craigslist and the difference was amazing. When we bought a wall unit my wife was very skeptical and worried because it looked to be in such bad shape. I said "don't worry, we can fix it." We rubbed it on the furniture and she's still AMAZED at the new finish! We could not be happier!


D. Judkins

Thank you so much for such a great product!! I have an old library table that sat in my Dad’s basement for 20+ years and who knows how long at my grandpa’s before that. Someone had also set something wet on the table and the finish had severe water damage. Although I was skeptical, I tried Restor-A-Finish followed by Feed-N-Wax and now have the most beautiful piece of wood furniture I’ve seen. I’ve attached a picture with the finished product. Thank you!!!


L. Moss

Mr. Howard, Restor-A-Shine worked beautifully! I was more than pleased with the results. I really thought I had ruined my table, but Restor-A-Shine has made it look new again. There was no residue from buffing, so I didn't have to use the other recommended products. Thank you so much for your guidance in purchasing this product. I'll highly recommend it to others at every opportunity.


M. Ward

About 6 years ago my wife decided the molding and doors in the bedroom needed a freshening up. So, she put on another coat of finish and I must say the results were anything but terrible. After it dried it looked like she threw a glass of milk on them. I waited until just last weekend to attack the problem. I just knew I was going to have strip everything down to bare wood but, I inquired at my local ---- ---- store about what to use, and they recommended your "Restor-A-Finish." I must say, this stuff is magic. It took the light milky coat of finish off without much trouble, but the runs required some super fine steel wool. But the doors and wood work look brand new. I will probably end up doing all the hardwood, or maybe she will. :) Please feel free to us this as a testimonial, all husbands need to know this. Certainly cheaper than totally refinishing or replacing. Thanks again.



I would just like to thank you for this wonderful product. I have a bedroom set, mahogany, that my dog clawed up pretty bad. To have it refinished was going to cost me some big money. This set was purchased by my parents for me in 1953, and I still have it. Anyway, while at ---- ---- yesterday, I noticed your product and decided to give it a try. OH, MY WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Not to say that all of the scars are gone, but I can at least live with it and not get rid of the set, as I had planned on doing. I am really amazed at how well Restor-A-Finish worked. Thank you for making me a Happy Camper once again.

I would like to provide a testimonial for your Feed-N-Wax. I love it! I have some very nice antique oak and pine furniture that really shine when I apply your product. Feed-N-Wax SAVED a beautiful Stickley quarter sawn oak dresser when, while on vacation, someone accidentally "watered" a fake plant on top of the dresser. When I got home two weeks later, you can imagine the horrid water stain/spot on the finish. I immediately put Feed-N-Wax on top where the water spot was and within 3 minutes, I expressed a huge sigh of relief as the water spot disappeared and the finish looked good as new. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!


M. Karczmarczyk

Twenty-five years ago I purchased a cabinet that is full of inlayed Ivory from a shop. We did not know the true value until we had water damage with a tree falling on our home. That was two years ago. The cabinet was in the main room of damage. I was in fear of fixing the cabinet due to the insurance company giving us $4500.00 on this piece alone. I work for the Home Depot and I helped a person over the weekend find your Restor-A-Finish. The person said this was the best product ever known to man to get out white spots and scratches in an antique. Very fearful I read your directions and started working on the cabinet this morning. I have a cabinet more beautiful now than when I bought it. Words can not express how happy I am that your product is in our local store. If you would like me to send you a picture of it, so you can have it for advertisement I would be honored.


A. Mount

I have used Restor-A-Finish for about 3 years on vintage furniture and have never been disappointed in the results. I think I could be your company spokesperson or even appear in an infomercial! I just have to tell you the latest way your product has saved me. My husband and I are getting a 1960's house ready to sell. The dark pine (and particle board) builder grade kitchen cabinets really needed to be replaced. But we did not want to invest in new cabinets. We had decided that we would sand and paint them and were dreading the work involved. It occurred to me that before we did so we might just give Restor-A-Finish a try. We were done in one day and didn't even have to remove the cabinet doors. Now with new pulls the cabinets will be fine for putting the house on the market. Using Restor-A-Finish saved us a great deal of time, money and back breaking work.



I felt compelled to write your company. Last week a clerk referred me to your product (Restor-A-Finish). She gave me the name of a paint store that carries it. I spoke w/the clerk at the paint store, told me exactly how to use the product. WELL, I did and I had such HIGH expectations of what I wanted my 20 year old cabinets to look like and I must tell you, your product TOTALLY EXCEEDED my HIGH expectations. I am just SO AMAZED at how beautiful my cabinets of 20 years of wear and tear and two previous owners, look today. I had company over the other day and they thought they were NEW cabinets, which made me feel wonderful. Thanks for your product…it is truly amazing and so very easy to do!!! Thanks again.


Everestt Washington, Pedigo Piano, Inc.

Our piano store refinishes, restores and refurbishes pianos. We have been doing this for over 44 years and know what it takes to make a piano look like new. Restor-A-Finish is what we use to give older finishes the new look. It's easy to use and gives lasting results. If our customers only knew. Thank you.


Wesley in Michigan

Short and sweet here.... Restor-A-Finish is by far the best product I have purchased in the past 5 years. You have just saved me hours and hours of restaining my entire baseboards, and accent pieces.


R. Selken

I just wanted to let you know how happy I’ve been, with the results obtained after using Restor-A-Finish on our front door and side panels. The door was 23 years old and weathered with some areas down to bare wood. Others had suggested that sanding and refinishing would be the best course of action. Due to some pretty intricate molding and patterns, sanding seemed like way too much work. I was nervous about the color matching, but the cherry was perfect. It took a couple hours, but the remarkably beautiful results, made it the most productive two hours I’ve spent in a long time. Congratulations on such a fine product.


A. Tariton

I've just used Restor-A-Finish and I am totally *amazed* with the results! I was given a set of bedroom furniture by my parents. Most of the pieces were in fairly decent shape (considering it is 50+ years old). But the dresser had been loaned to a family member that didn't take very good care of it. I was dismayed when I picked it up -- white water rings, scratches and chips. It really looked bad -- I figured I'd have to have it professionally refinished, just to make it look halfway usable. My uncle suggested I give Restor-A-Finish a try. I am absolutely THRILLED with the results! It even camouflaged the white water rings (I used 0000 steel wool on that), and some really deep scratches. Thank you for this product -- I've told many of my friends about it!



I bought an old Baldwin Piano from the 1940's this week to learn on. It plays very nice and just needs a tuning. However the case has it's share of scratches, watermarks and years of polish build up. I do not want to put a lot of money into something I can not play so I tried to make it "look" better with some cleaning things around the house. Nothing seemed to work. Some made it worst. I decided to ride up to the Big Peach Antique Mall in Byron Georgia. They recommend Howard Restor-A-Finish in Mahogany. Wow! Just wipe on wait and wipe off. My $200 dollar piano looks like a $2000 dollar piano. Even the two water marks went almost completely away. All of this without even using the steel wool. I am impressed and will be sure to recommend this product to anyone.


R. Selken

Six months ago, we moved into our new house and after a very hot summer and cold winter, I noticed that our wood front door was beginning to look 'thirsty'. Since I didn't want to replace the doors, I began looking for a product which would restore the beautiful look of the wood. I found your Restor-A-Finish Finish online and after reading the product description, was thrilled to see it sold at our local Home Depot. I asked the sales woman if she knew anything about the product and although she had heard good things about it, she wasn't sure if it was recommended for an outdoor door. She placed a call to your main office and after speaking to the operator, was put thru to the owner of the company. She handed me the phone where I spend a good 5 minutes discussing my needs with Mr. Howard. I walked out of Home Depot thinking 'if the owner of a company can get on the phone with a customer, the product must be good.' Well, 'good' was sure an understatement! Restor-A-Finish and Feed-N-Wax miraculously restored my weather beaten doors to show room like new. My husband and I were amazed at how rich they looked once more. I can not sing your praise loud enough for coming up with such a remarkable product. Since many of our friends and neighbors have wood doors, I will certainly pass along your product name for their use. I have attached before and after pictures for you to see the results!